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Certificate of Occupancy Application


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      Certificates of Occupancy are required for all new businesses or changes in use of an existing business building.

      This application submittal must be accompanied by a $200 fee payment before the Certificate of Occupancy review process can begin. Neighborhood Services staff will contact the owner/contact person at the telephone number shown on the application to receive a fee payment. Major credit cards are accepted, or fees can be paid in person at the Neighborhood Services Division, 100 E. Broadway St.

      Each Certificate of Occupancy application is reviewed for zoning compliance, building integrity, fire safety systems and other city departments as necessary. Business owners or tenants should allow ample time for the review process to occur.

      As a part of the Certificate of Occupancy process, businesses are encouraged to submit a completed and scanned Business ID form which is provided to the Police Department. This information is kept confidential and is used to contact business owners or managers should an after-hours emergency or other circumstance occur.

      It is a violation of City ordinance to occupy a building before a Certificate of Occupancy is issued. Temporary Use Permits may be issued for a limited duration if an occupancy can occur safely. For further information, contact the Neighborhood Services Division at 918-246-2572.