Trail Ambassadors

Volunteer trail ambassadors help staff, monitor the parking lot, and hike the trails offering information and assistance. You can hike alone, or if there are enough trail guides available and you choose to, someone may hike with you to help interpret the forest landscape and this interpretative project in the making!

Each time we're open, great volunteer trail ambassadors like the ones here will greet you and your guests, answer questions about the site, and help you on your way.

On some occasions, if they're not too busy, they might even hike alongside you. This can be a great way to learn more about the natural world around us, and this magnificent forest just outside Sand Springs! 

So, whether your tracking wildlife on the floor, birding, or simply want to know "What's that pretty flower?"-  these trail guides are there to enrich your hiking experience! If you'd like to become a Keystone Ancient Forest trail ambassador - please let us know - we'd love to have you join this fun group of folks, just ask one, or simply call (918) 246-7795 to get started.

The forest is a free, simple, and rewarding outdoor experience for people of all ages.