Sand Springs White Box Grant

Sand Springs “White Box” Grant Program

The City of Sand Springs White Box program is designed to encourage the redevelopment of older commercial buildings within the historic downtown Triangle District(?) as vibrant, retail commercial/office spaces. The City recognizes that many buildings may be non-compliant with today’s modern building codes and that cost is often a barrier toward making needed upgrades. That’s where the White Box Grant program can help.

The White Box Grant program creates an incentive to commercial building owners, developers, and investors by offering an 80% reimbursable grant award to recipients for work done on their building. The maximum single grant award available is $10,000 per award. So, for example, if your project was awarded the maximum grant amount you could receive $8,000 in cash back for a $10,000 project (after completion, inspection and submitting receipts). Projects may exceed the $10,000 grant limit, but your reimbursement amount will be capped to 80% of the $10,000 limit.

Eligible expenses include:

1. Interior plumbing work in compliance with current building code

2. Electrical work in compliance with current building code

3. HVAC work in compliance with current building code

4. Fire Suppression measures including kitchens in compliance with current building code

Application Review Process:

The application submittal will be reviewed by the Sand Spring Development Authority to determine whether an application should receive an award and determine the amount of the award. In making the determination, the committee will consider the following factors and may give priority consideration to projects that meet the following criteria:

• Is the first floor space vacant? Has the vacancy been a result of code compliance?

• Does the project contribute to the establishment of a new retail business, restaurant, or office space within an established business district in the City?

• Will the project positively contribute to the city’s redevelopment effort of the downtown area?

• Will the project substantially leverage more investments than the required matching amount of the grant?

• Will the grant result in an improvement that, otherwise, would not be made?

• Does the project comply with the City of Sand Springs building code requirements?

Additional information can be acquired from the Sand Springs Planning Department ( or 918-246-2500).

Submittal of Application

Submittals can be turned in to the Sand Springs Planning Department at 100 E. Broadway or via email at 


Sand Springs White Box Grant Guidelines

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Map of Boundary Area - Parcels

Sand Springs White Box Grant Application