Spirit Grant

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Welcome to the City of Sand Springs' Spirit Grant program.  Only HERE can you propel your concept to a higher level as we award grants ($400-$4,000/grant) for projects intended to boost economic development in Sand Springs!  Your 20% cash contribution can leverage an additional 80% in a matching reimbursement from the City of Sand Springs for projects completed in 1 year.

​So whether it's a community cleanup effort, group marketing campaign, special event or beautification project- if it will grow sales tax, deliver tourism or enhance the outward appearance of Sand Springs we want to hear from you!

​There will be a Spirit Grant workshop at the Case Community Center at 7pm on Wednesday, December 12 to learn more.  So save the date, start dreaming and  learn more about this exciting community grant program.

Its easy to get started!  Check out these helpful resources below by clicking on the link. 

​When you're ready to submit your Spirit Grant idea simply open the Spirit Grant Application (below) and follow the instructions.  When you're finished, just print your application and mail it in before the next Spirit Grant deadline (October 1st, January 1st, April 1st, July 1st). ​Show us your ideas Sand Springs!   Good luck!  Here's the Spirit Grant Application Link:


Spirit Grant Application