SSPD Policing Plan

Policing Plan 2020The Sand Springs Police Department is honored to present you with our 5th Edition of our Policing Plan. This year has proven already to be a monumental time in the history of our country with the COVID 19 pandemic. This was further exacerbated by the tragic death of Mr. George Floyd in Minneapolis that brought unrest across our country from citizens who do not feel that their voice had been heard in regard to many issues.

Our officers, citizens and city council have been able to hold our heads up high during this time as we have been working on reforms and better policing practices for the last five years; we didn’t wait until these recent events to seek improvement. This year we had two young people in our community host a Unity Rally for BLM. In many places, that might have been a spark for other violence or unrest, but our community had a peaceful time that brought together many people from different perspectives to listen and value each others view point. We have come a long way since the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri and the subsequent DOJ report that made us take a look at ourselves to see where we could better serve our community.

I particularly want to thank and highlight the great women and men who work for the Sand Springs Police Department. Their dedication, professionalism and culture as public servants has helped our community avoid many of the issues that have caused unrest across the country. I also believe that they are examples of what typifies the normal police officer across our country.

The Policing Plan is the work product of a collaboration between the Citizens of Sand Springs, employees of the Sand Springs Police Department, Sand Springs Municipal Court, and the Sand Springs Police Department administration. The Sand Springs Police Department has sought to reconcile the Policing Plan against the recommendations of the Final Report of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing Our Policing Plan makes note of each recommendation at the end of each area to signify what recommendations it is meeting as well as those areas where our plan exceeds the recommendations of the national plan.

The Policing Plan 2020 was reviewed by the City of Sand Springs city administration. Later, it was presented to the Sand Springs City Council and adopted by resolution after a public hearing. Again, every effort has been made to reaffirm that the philosophies discussed herein are that of our community as a whole and not that of just the Police Department and that they are truly placed into

To view a copy of the current Policing Plan, please click here: Policing Plan 2020

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One aspect that we are proud of the Poling Plan,  is that we have noted throughout the document how it complies with or exceeds the provisions of the Final Report of The President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing.  You may read a copy of that document by clicking on the hyperlink and looking in the downloads folder of your browser.

One item referenced in the plan is the plan for SSPD to no longer investigate officer involved shootings or in custody deaths when SSPD officers are involved. You can see a copy of the agreement between the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and the Sand Springs Police Department here: OSBI-SSPD MOU.

Transparency is a philosophy that the Sand Springs Police Department embraces. It is important for our citizens to know what their police department does and why we make certain decisions. You may view the Sand Springs Police Department Policy and Procedures or Collective Bargaining Agreement by clicking on these hyperlinks if you have questions about the department, or you may call our office.

If you would like to submit an idea to be considered for inclusion in the 2021 Policing Plan, please click here.

Thank you for being part of what makes Sand Springs, a great community to live, work and play in.


Chief Mike Carter