Historic Tour 9: River City Park

Nestled along the northern bank of the Arkansas River, the area now known as River City Park has been home to people for thousands of years. The beautiful river has provided drinking water, fish, easier sanitation and transportation, and more throughout history.


For this reason, River City Park has been a hotbed of important cultural and historical finds. The most common artifact found from the area’s rich past is arrowheads and other small tools crafted from local stone.  

stones 2

A rich and varied collection of such arrowheads and tools is on display at the Sand Springs Cultural and Historic Museum, comprised of the treasures found by local residents and generously donated to the museum. From Clovis to Lange to Searcy, arrowheads come in a wide variety of types and distinctive shapes and many unique kinds can be examined at the museum.

stones 3

(All images taken at the Sand Springs Cultural and Historic Museum.)