Emergency Sirens

Sand Springs Tornado.png
Sand Springs Tornado EF2 03/25/2015
Photo courtesy of Mr. Jackie Kennemer

The City of Sand Springs has 23 emergency warning sirens to warn our citizens of emergency events.  In addition to the three tones, Seek Shelter, Avoid Hazardous Area and National Emergency, our sirens are capable of delivering voice messages from our public safety officials.

All of the warning tones will sound for three minutes. There may be additional tones sounded in cases where the threat persists or to warn members of the public who may have entered the area after the initial sounding of the sirens. There is NO "All Clear" sound given.  

In the event of the sounding of the emergency warning sirens, citizens are encouraged to to tune into local media outlets for more information.  Please do not call 911 or the non-emergency line to inquire what the sirens are sounding for.  Calling may prevent our communications dispatchers from answering true emergency calls.  If you would like a more personalized way of having information delivered to you, please sign up for our emergency telephone notification system

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To listen to the different types of warning sirens that you may encounter from our system, click links below:

Seek Shelter / Alert for Tornado, Wind storm in excess of 70 mph, Chemical Release Warning or other event where remaining outside could cause harm.

Avoid Hazardous Area / Hi-Low for Flood Warning, Dam Breach, Wild Fire or other event where staying in an area could cause harm.

National Emergency / Attack for Nuclear Strike Warning or other threat to our Nation.