Rental Spaces 

Dance/Aerobic Room

Just beyond the lobby entrance you’ll find the beautiful curved panel glass wall leading into this multi-purpose room. Whether you’re throwing a party, giving instruction or exercising…this room can handle it.
• 940 square feet
• Approximately 20-45 occupants
• Sports multi-purpose flooring
• See through glass wall
• Suitable for dance, exercise, instruction, meeting and social use

Multi-Purpose Gymnasium

This top-of-the-line gym can accommodate almost any event. Trade shows, sports competitions, important events and imaginative fun are all possible in this unique space. Cost effective and well-equipped, we know this space will transform your event into something INCREDIBLE!
• 9,100 square feet
• 300 + occupants
• Bleacher system seating for 240 people
• Sports multi-purpose flooring
• Schelde competition basketball goal (4)
• Daktronics sports scoreboard system
• Large vehicular door access
• Skylight end panels
• Court marking for basketball, volleyball and recreational use
• Suitable for sports, business, cultural, instruction, dance, exercise, meeting and social use

Indoor Walking Track

Why not take your big event to the next level? Typically this space is available for free walking use by the public; however it can be reserved to accompany your large special event. Think of the possibilities!
• 2,300 square feet
• Sports multi-purpose flooring
• “Silo” stairway
• Large glass windows and skylight panels
• ADA elevator access
• Suitable for mixed uses

Conference Rooms (A, B, C)

• 1,162 square feet
• Approximately 96-100 occupants (25-30 occupants per room)
• Commercial carpet flooring
• Built-in theatre sound/video equipment
• Suitable for business, cultural, instruction, mild exercise, meeting and social use Catering Kitchen


• 450 square feet
• Commercial vinyl flooring
• Stainless steel food serving areas
• Large buffet style serving window
• Commercial refrigerator, dishwasher, ice machine, triple rinse sinks
• Suitable for catered food use