HEAL Sand Springs

HEAL Sand SpringsHEAL Sand Springs is an initiative developed to promote "Healthy Eating Active Living" in Sand Springs. Resolution 12-07, adopted by the Sand Springs City Council, outlines shocking statistics that list Oklahoma as the sixth most obese state in the nation. Additional humbling statistics about the ill effects of poor eating habits and the inactive lifestyles more are adapting to can be reviewed in the support documents of the resolution.

A Proactive Approach

In order to combat this rising epidemic, Sand Springs leaders are joining forces to promote a healthier lifestyle. The resolution calls for changes / enhancements to the built environment that encourage walking, biking, and other forms of physical activity. As a model participant of the program, the City of Sand Springs is working on implementation of an employee wellness policy. To aid our employee's in healthier decisions, vending machines in city owned or leased locations have better options, as well as food at city events or meetings.

Furthermore, the HEAL Sand Springs program calls on local retailers and restaurants to join our cause by providing and promoting healthier food choices.

HEAL Partners

Shape Your Future Resources

HEAL Resources

Mental Health 1(800)522-9054

Tobacco Helpline 1(800) QUIT NOW

Gambling Help  1(800) 522-4700

Emergency Help Resources

Alzheimers Association of Oklahoma - 1-800-272-3900

Alzheimer's & Dementia Train Resources (Caregivers & First Responders)

Oklahoma Dementia Care Network

Caregiver Resources (OKDHS)

Caregiver Resources (AARP-Oklahoma)

Falls Prevention for Older Adults (National Council on Aging)

School-based Prevention Programs and Initiatives

Sand Springs Public Schools Page Academy

Prescription Drug Use  

Victim-Centered Services

Domestic Violence/Trafficking

Family & Children's Services

Crisis Intervention Resources

Counseling and Recovery Services of Oklahoma