Licenses & Permits

Our Mission

Building and sign permits, inspections and licenses provide substantial  public health and safety protections, as well as consumer protection for citizens and business owners. Neighborhood Services staff are committed to assuring these protections are provided efficiently, effectively and appropriately.

Business License Registration

Effective Jan. 1, 2021, all persons, firms and corporations with a physical presence in the city limits of Sand Springs need to register annually for a business license. There is no fee for the license. Please click here to submit the requested information.
2023 Registered Businesses

Our Location and Contact Info

Neighborhood Services is located in City Hall at 100 E. Broadway St. Inspection requests and other messages can be left at any time by calling 918-246-2572 and selecting the correct prompt. Our e-mail is

Our Building, Trade and Sign Permits

Most new construction or building alterations involving load-bearing walls or trade work (electrical, plumbing, or heat and air conditioning systems) requires a building or trade permit. New signs or substantial alterations require a sign permit. Fees vary based on the size and type of construction activity. Click on forms in the blue lefthand menu area to access forms for printing. 

Our Certificates of Occupancy

COs are required for all new businesses locating in existing buildings or changes in business occupancies where a building permit is not required. The fee is $200. 

Our Other Permits

Oversized loads moving on city streets must have a $100 city permit for each move. Permits are also required for cutting a street curb or pavement section. The fee is $25. Blasting contractors must obtain a $100 city explosives blasting permit valid for 30 days.

Our Contractor Registrations

Electrical, plumbing and mechanical (heat and air) contractors working in the city limits must register their state license with the city. The fee is $125. City registrations are valid from July 1 to June 30 each year. Journeymen and apprentices work under the contractor's city registration but must have valid state licenses in their possession.
Current List of Licensed Contractors

Our Other Licenses

Itinerant peddlers selling goods or services door-to-door or from a fixed location require a $75 city license valid for 1 year. Businesses selling or serving beer, wine or alcoholic beverages must have a city license to correspond with their county or state license. A copy of their sales tax permit is also required. Fees vary by type of license. Each amusement device (excluding juke boxes) must have a $10 city license.  

Our Timeframes for Issuance

A general guide for what to expect.  

  • Building and sign permits are issued after a review process that generally takes 3 to 10 working days depending upon the complexity of the project and the sufficiency of the plans submitted.
  • Certificates of Occupancy are issued prior to a business opening after zoning, building, fire safety and environmental compliance reviews are completed.
  • Itinerant peddler licenses are issued usually within a day following a criminal background check.
  • Contractor and beverage license are usually issued immediately.
  • Moving permits are usually issued in 1-2 days. Blasting permits are issued when staff reviews are completed.