Rural Fire & EMS Fees

Sand Springs Rural Fire Subscription

Households located outside the Sand Springs’ city limits but within the 64-square-mile area served by Sand Springs firefighters, are automatically enrolled in the optional Rural Fire Subscription program. For the $5.00 monthly charge, rural residents will not pay any out-of-pocket costs should Sand Springs firefighters be called to a fire at your home or on your land. The charge for a rural house fire call averages $2,000. Homeowners insurance policies only pay about a quarter of that amount. The Rural Fire Subscription assures that homeowners will not be faced with the remaining costs.

Sand Springs EMS Program

Sand Springs has established a program to sustain Emergency Medical Service in our community. Each household served by EMSA ambulance and the Sand Springs Fire Department will pay a monthly EMS fee of $2.25 inside city limits, or $5.00 outside city limits, to assure the community has excellent ambulance and first responder services available when they are needed. The Sand Springs EMS can not be opted out of.

EMSA Total Care

Households in the Sand Springs area that receive EMSA ambulance service will be enrolled in the optional EMSA Total Care. The program provides you, and all permanent members of your household with EMSA Total Care benefits which means no out-of-pocket costs for EMSA emergency ambulance services. The cost for this peace of mind is $1 per month. With the charge for ambulance service increasing to $1,500 per call, it is easy to see that the EMSA Total Care program is a good deal should you or a member of your family ever need an ambulance anywhere in EMSA’s coverage area. Coverage is also available for qualifying nonemergency ambulance transfers by EMSA.

Exercise Your Options

The value of the Sand Springs Rural Fire Subscription and the EMSA Total Care cannot be overstressed.  The benefit derived from these fees helps the Sand Springs Fire Department and EMSA deliver a superior level of service our citizens deserve.  If you have further questions regarding these programs please visit the Fire & EMSA Total Care FAQ's page or contact Fire Administration.  Should you still wish to discontinue these important fees, you can find opt-out forms below.  The opt-out forms should be received between August 1st and no later than the last business day of August and will become effective during the first utility billing cycle of September.

Fire / EMS Opt Out Forms