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This section pertains to all vessels or watercraft, including but not limited to, powerboats, sailboats, rowboats, canoes, kayaks and any other such equipment capable of navigation in or on water. Boats shall be permitted on Shell Lake provided:

  1. Any watercraft permitted on Shell Lake shall be licensed in accordance with applicable Federal, State and Local laws, and shall display appropriate registration while being operated on Shell Lake.
  2. Any vessel, when in use on Shell Lake, shall be outfitted with all safety equipment and devices necessary for compliance with U.S. Coast Guard and State of Oklahoma boating safety requirements, including personal flotation devices.
  3. The use of any vessel not constructed or maintained in compliance with the standards and requirements established by the Federal Safe Boating Act of 1971 (Public Law 92-75.85 Stat. 213), or promulgated pursuant to such act shall be prohibited.
  4. Boats shall be launched and retrieved only at the designated boat ramp located near the east abutment of the dam.
  5. Watercraft may be operated on Shell Lake, except in prohibited or restricted areas marked by buoys, in accordance with posted regulations and applicable Federal, State, and local laws.
  6. Boats shall not exceed 10 miles per hour within 300 feet of the dam or boat ramp. Additionally, speed shall be reduced so that no appreciable wake is produced within 100 feet of another occupied boat or the shoreline. In other areas of the lake the maximum speed shall be 20 miles per hour.
  7. The operation of watercraft in a careless, negligent or reckless manner so as to endanger any property or person (including the operator and/or user(s) of the watercraft) shall be prohibited.
  8. Jet Skis shall be prohibited on Shell Lake.
  9. Motorboats shall stay at least 200 feet away from any shoreline or anchored fishing boat while cruising and as near the middle of any channel as practical.
  10. All watercraft shall be removed from Shell Lake and surrounding city-owned property when not in use.
  11. The placement and/or operation of any watercraft upon Shell Lake or surrounding city-owned property for a fee or profit shall be prohibited.
  12. All boat trailers parked in the Shell Lake parking area shall have proper identification matching the user permit on its boat affixed to the right side near the hitch.
  13. All boat trailers and pulling vehicles shall be parked only in designated parking areas.