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9-1-1 Dispatch
The Sand Springs 9-1-1 Dispatch Center utilizes two emergency telecommunicator positions.911 Dispatch These positions handle 9-1-1 calls for the Sand Springs area, and also handle all radio traffic for police and fire departments. Although the 9-1-1 center is technically supervised and managed by the Sand Springs Police Department (SSPD), the Sand Springs Fire Department (SSFD) takes a proactive role in dispatcher training and communications equipment upgrades. Our E9-1-1 center is located in downtown Sand Springs in the Police Department / City Hall building. All of our dispatchers are trained to handle fire calls, medical calls, and radio traffic.

What to Expect When Dialing 911
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When you call 911 in Sand Springs, the call goes to the local Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), which is the Sand Springs E9-1-1 Center. There, capable dispatchers will handle the call professionally to ensure a correct and timely response.

The first thing to remember when you call 911 is that the amount of time you spend on the phone does not delay the help coming to you. All of our dispatchers are trained to handle both the phones and the radio. As soon as the call-taker has gathered enough information to know what kind of response is necessary, they will send the call to a radio dispatcher who will then immediately send units to assist you.

All of our callers will be asked three questions before anything else is done. These are very important, as they will determine how the rest of the call is handled. They are:
  • What is the address of the emergency? - We must know the address so we can send the appropriate help.
  • What is the phone number you’re calling from? - We need to know the phone number you are calling from in case we are disconnected. We may have more questions, or there may be instructions we need to give you to help ensure the health of the patient and the safety of you and those around you.
  • Tell us exactly what happened. - We need to know what is going on so we know what type of help you require. These are the most important questions in the entire call.

Emergency Types
Each type of emergency is assigned a numeric code and a priority. This information is entered into our computer aided dispatch system for all addresses and street ranges throughout our city. This information allows our computer to recommend the closest fire truck or another department if it is outside our jurisdiction.

Communications Equipment
The SSFD operates on the State of Oklahoma 800mHz Motorola Smartzone Radio System, which is shared by many cities in Oklahoma. This radio network gives Sand Springs firefighters the ability to talk statewide and coordinate with other cities and jurisdictions.

In the 9-1-1 center, a central electronics bank controls various 800mHz channels through Motorola Centracom Gold Elite consoles. Dispatchers are responsible for dispatching for not only the SSFD, but also the Police Department, Keystone Volunteer Fire Department, and monitoring traffic on public works and regional mutual aid channels.

In the field, firefighters use a standardized fleet of radios that have a wide array of features, including:
  • Emergency activation
  • Dynamic regrouping
  • Push-to-talk ID
  • Private call

Portable radios are provided for ALL firefighter riding positions on ALL apparatus. The SSFD uses the following radio types:
  • Portable: APX6000XE and APX700XE
  • Apparatus Mobile: Spectra and XTL-5000 "O5"
  • Station Base: Spectra and XTL-5000 Consolette

Computer Aided Dispatch System
In 2005, the City of Sand Springs contracted with Cushing Technologies to develop a Computer Aided Dispatch System (CADS) capable of managing the complex address situation in Tulsa, Osage, and Creek Counties, and interfacing into a mobile data computer system for police and fire. The system allows for quick call entry and dispatching through the automatic transfer of data from the E9-1-1 system, and allows for future expansion into Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL).

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