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GearThe SSFD Organization is made up of several unique but equally important components which combine to provide the quality and quick emergency response the citizens of Sand Springs deserve. Each component is highlighted below with more options following each.

Command Staff
Responsible for the overall operation and critical aspects of the fire department, this team, with support of an administrative assistant, tackle various aspects of our department. Information about each member, and their respective duties can be learned here. . .read more about our Command Staff.

Field Personnel
Know as the 'Line' personnel, this group is divided into 3 shifts that work 24hrs each. Besides emergency responses, their day is filled with training, exercising, as well as equipment maintenance. . .read more about our Field Personnel.

911 Dispatch
Communication is vital for any plan to be successful, and this is especially true in mitigating emergencies. Telecommunicator job functions, what to expect when you call 911, emergency call types, and the equipment used for dispatch can be reviewed here. . .read more about 911 Dispatch.

SSFD Stations
Sand Springs has two Fire Stations that serve as home to both our crews and our fire apparatus. Each station is located centrally for each side of the river and details of its compliment of emergency equipment is listed here. Information regarding our Fire Administration is also located here. . .read more about SSFD Stations.

Without specialized trucks, the task of providing fire protection would be nearly impossible. Our fleet of apparatus not only provide a means of tranporting our crews to the emergencies, but bring along a host of specialized tools as well. Descriptions of our apparatus and their respective homes are found here. . .read more about our Apparatus.