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    The Sand Springs Police Department invites you to fill out the following fields if you are interested in getting more information about our Rape Aggression Defense program. This program is restricted to women and will help them learn to be safe and increase awareness about sexual assaults. After we receive your information, an officer will be in contact with you to give you more information. Thanks for your interest!
  2. Preferred Class Schedule
    This course is a 12 hour class which includes approximately 3 hours of lecture, 7 hours of instruction / demonstration / practice of technique and approximately 2 hours of simulation. The amount of physical participation is up to each individual student, but it is required that students attend all of the lecture and practical portions of the course. It is also strongly encouraged that students attend the simulation portion even if they choose not to participate. Please check 1 or more of the course schedules that you might be interested and able to attend.
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