What do I do with limbs or brush?

Brush and limbs must be tied in bundles not to exceed 35 pounds, and up to eight (8) bundles around your kart. They should be no more than four (4) inches in diameter and cut in lengths of less than four (4) feet. The bundles must be placed on the ground beside the polykart or on top of the kart. If you have a few short limbs that will fit comfortably in the polykart, you can place some in the kart. If any loose limbs or brush fall out while being emptied, the Crew will not slow up their route to pick them up. NOTE: The City of Sand Springs offers a free service once a month (usually the first Saturday of each month) called Chipper Days. If you reside inside the city limits, you may take your limbs and brush along with your water/refuse bill to the Street Department. Visit our website here for more details about Chipper Days or call 918-246-2588.

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