If I participate, who is covered?
All permanent residents of your household are covered, regardless of their age or whether they are a blood relative of the utility account holder. The person just has to reside in your household. Someone simply in town visiting is not covered. A good test is to see whether the person receives bills and mail at your address. Please make sure all permanent residents in your home over the age of 18 are listed on your utility account.

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1. If I participate, who is covered?
2. I have insurance and/or Medicare. Why should I participate? Isn't it like I'm paying for the same thing twice?
3. What if my personal insurance and/or Medicare doesn't cover the full cost of the claim?
4. What constitutes an emergency transport?
5. What constitutes a non-emergency transport?
6. Do participating customers receive benefits for non-emergency transports, too?
7. Are there any excluded services?