What are the requirements for keeping dogs or cats in the city limits?

All pets over 6 mos. of age must be spayed/neutered unless a hobbyist permit is obtained. When outdoors, dogs must be kept in a fenced and gated yard – with the fence and gate height sufficient to contain the dog. Dogs can also be kept in an open yard on a leash not to exceed eight feet to allow for exercise and play. Under no circumstance may a leash extend beyond a property line. Dogs must be kept on a leash while being walked. Although there is no leash or containment requirement for cats, owners are responsible to assure that their cats do not become a nuisance to neighbors.

Title-6-Animals (sandspringsok.org)

Note:  The Sand Springs Municipal Court has previously ruled that Invisible or Electric fencing may be adequate for the requirement of keeping dogs contained.  If animals are not sufficiently contained by the Invisible or Electronic fence and an animal leaves the premises, the owner may still be found in violation of City Ordinance 6.08.070 Dogs to be Kept Confined in Yard, Pen or on Leash or 6.08.080 Nuisance.

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