Senior Citizens

Fire Safety Facts for People 50-Plus


According to the United States Fire Administration: 

  • People between 65 and 74 are nearly TWICE as likely to die in a fire
  • People between 75 and 84 are nearly FOUR times as likely to die in a fire
  • People 85 and older are more than FIVE times as likely to die in a fire

The best way to avoid becoming a statistic is to follow these simple safety guidelines for people 50-Plus:

  1. Smoke Safely - Never smoke in bed and always extinguish cigarettes or cigars before taking medication that might make you drowsy.
  2. Use deep ashtrays and always put smoking materials out. Also be sure not to walk away from lit cigarettes or cigars.
  3. Never lave cooking unattended and always wear short or tight-fitting sleeves when you cook.
  4. Keep towels, pot holders, curtains and anything else that can burn away from flames and the stove area.
  5. Make sure to give space heaters enough space - this means keeping all items at least three (3) feet away from the heater. Also, make sure you use a heater that automatically shuts off when tipped over.