Vendor Information

PlantsThe Herbal Affair & Festival is a herb and garden event. Our goal is to keep the percentages of growers, along with garden & herb related artisans and products at a number that allows everyone to have a profitable day.

Vendors must fall into at least one of four categories:

Grower/Producer Vendor

Grower/Producer is defined as a farmer/rancher/gardener that grows/raises 100% of the fruit, vegetable, herb, nut, grain, meat, fiber, dairy, egg, honey, plants, and flowers on their own farm.

Prepared Food Vendor

Prepared Food Vendor is defined as a licensed prepared food handler who prepares 100% of the prepared food items they sell.

Craft Vendor

Craft Vendor is defined as a crafts person who produces the finished craft items (such as body care products, pottery, candles, baskets, garden related items, etc) they sell. Direct sales companies like Amway, Avon, Arbonne, Scentsy, etc. do not meet this criterion.

Food Truck Vendor

Commercial Food Truck Vendors that prepare and sell food on-site.  Most need to be self-contained power; water and waste. 

Each year we have a very limited number of spaces that become available. 

PLEASE NOTE:  We do not send applications in response to each request. Applicants work must meet the festival requirements and quality of items. Acceptance is at the discretion of the festival committee. If your product meets our criteria, we will contact you if/when a space becomes available.