Engine 1 Deck GunThe Sand Springs Fire Department (SSFD), as part of the incorporated City of Sand Springs, Oklahoma, is an equal opportunity employer, complies with the ADA, and does not discriminate based on race, gender, religious affiliation, or national origin. It is a matter of city ordinance and policy, as well as a matter of professional ethics and standards within the SSFD, that we seek the best personnel available, who are most able and willing to do the job, whoever they may be, wherever they may come from, and whatever their beliefs.

The following information is presented for the convenience of the community. As such, it is a representation and overview of how the SSFD manages the hiring and training of new personnel, and not the actual rules themselves. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information, but should any conflict occur, actual, legally defined documents obviously take precedence. Should you notice any inconsistency or inaccuracy in this document, we request that you please notify our webmaster at your earliest convenience. 

Please do not contact our department directly concerning applications for employment. Such applications must be made through the Human Resources Department of the City of Sand Springs. No ongoing sign-up list is maintained by the SSFD. 

Notice of Employment Openings

When an opening for employment within the Sand Springs Fire Department does occur, notice of intent to accept applications for employment is made in major area newspapers / media, as well as  CoSS - Job Opportunities webpage.  This is done in accordance with applicable ordinances, regulations, and statues that do exist on the local, state and federal level. No notices of employment opportunities with the SSFD will be made on this page.


To apply for employment with the SSFD one must be at least 18 years of age, possess a high school diploma, valid Oklahoma driver's license, be a certified and nationally registered EMT-Basic and have no criminal record. Upon employment, SSFD personnel must reside within 30 mile travel distance of one of the SSFD's stations, and have a phone in order to be contact if needed for call back situations.  Further information on recruit requirements, and testing components can be found here - Firefighter Recruitment

Competitive Employment Evaluation

Persons who apply for employment with the SSFD within the published filing period are given the opportunity to participate in a competitive employment evaluation. This consists of a written examination, a preliminary physical evaluation, a physical agility evaluation, a background investigation, a substance abuse screening test, and a hiring board interview. 

Employment Offers

Candidates are offered employment in their order of performance on the entrance evaluation, in relation to each other, with consideration to pertinent education and/or experience. Employment is then contingent upon successful completion of the medical examination required and supervised by the Oklahoma State Firefighters Pension Board, State of Oklahoma, in accordance with Oklahoma State Statue #51. 

Probation Period

Upon successful completion of this examination, a probationary employment period of one year commences. During this probationary period, the SSFD provides a fire academy to the probationary employee that provides the fire, EMS, and other training necessary to bring their skills and knowledge up to the SSFD's established standards.

Successful completion of this training and probationary period results in status as a regular, permanent member of the Sand Springs Fire Department. Ongoing professional education and career development, with the opportunity for advancement in rank, continue throughout the SSFD Firefighter's career.

Helpful Resources

If you have further questions, desire additional information, or wish to apply for employment with the SSFD, please contact us at 918-246-2548. View some helpful brochures about becoming a firefighter with the Sand Springs Fire Department: